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Marketing, Advertising and Measurement 

From 2000 to 2010, Mr. Hoffman worked as Senior Vice president and Counsel at the American Association of Advertising Agencies ("the 4As), which is one of the oldest national trade associations representing the advertising industry.  He helped to organize the advertising industry's self-regulatory regime on food advertising, in addition to the development of online data privacy rules.  Hoffman was appointed to the National Advertising Review Board, and is a co-chair of the Nielsen External Advisory Council. 

Thought Leadership 

Adonis Hoffman has been a steady intellectual voice and thought leader on issues relating to policy, politics, and global affairs.  He is a contributor to The Hill, and his articles have been published in The New York Times; the Wall Street Journal; Broadcasting & Cable; the Los Angeles Times; Foreign Policy; the Washington Times, Congressional Quarterly, and others.  He is the founder and chairman of Business in the Public Interest, a global think tank focusing on corporate responsibility.

Public Policy, Legislative, Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Hoffman served in senior legal and policy positions in the U.S. Congress, including: Legislative Director for a Member of  the U.S. House of Representatives; Subcommittee Staff Director and Counsel for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Counsel to the House District of Columbia Subcommittee on Judiciary and Education in the 97th, 98th and 102nd Congresses.  He provides expert insight and advice on U.S public policy, legislative and regulatory affairs, Congressional procedure and investigations. 

Law and Legal Affairs

Adonis Hoffman is admitted to practice law before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals; the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia; the U.S. Bankruptcy Court; the U.S. Court of International Trade and the United States Supreme Court. Since 1987, he has provided legal counsel and guidance to Fortune corporations; policymakers and elected officials; national trade associations; nonprofits; consumer groups; embassies, foreign governments; international organizations; NGOs; private equity and institutional investors.

Providing Advice, Insights and Counsel to 

Corporations, Countries and Consumers 

Media, Communications & Technology 

A noted expert and thought leader on media and communications matters, Hoffman provides high-level advisory counsel to companies and investors in the broadcast, cable, internet and mobile sectors, especially on regulatory, legal, legislative and policy developments in the communications industry.  He is a former chief of staff and senior legal advisor at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where he advised a Commissioner and Chairman on several multi-billion dollar mergers, net neutrality, TCPA, consumer, enforcement, spectrum and auction issues, and served as the chair of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Advertising Practices.

Corporate Responsibility, Reputation

and Crisis Management

The author of Doing Good--The New Rules of Corporate Responsibility, Conscience and Character, and a global advisor on corporate responsibility and citizenship, Mr. Hoffman helps business leaders, CEOs, corporate boards and directors to effectively engage shareholders, investors, consumer and community groups, customers, stakeholders, media and government, and to build reputations for responsible leadership through strategic alliances, partnerships and advocacy. He has been a go-to expert on corporate branding, crisis and reputation management, providing innovative solutions to companies facing media, political and governance challenges. 

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Attorney & Advisory Counsel

​in the nation's capital 

Adonis  E. Hoffman, Esq.

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