Telephone Consumer Protection Act - TCPA

Mr. Hoffman is a thought leader and noted commentator on law, business, public policy, social matters and international affairs. His work has been published in major newspapers, journals and magazines, and he provides insights on a regular basis to corporations, business leaders, directors, investors, trade associations, embassies, foreign governments, policymakers, and the news media. Widely quoted throughout the print and broadcast media, Hoffman appears regularly on CNBC, is a Contributor to The Hill newspaper, and is the author of Doing Good--the New Rules of Corporate Responsibility, Conscience and Character, and The Almighty's Dollar. 

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Risk and Crisis Management


Human Rights and U.S.

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Media Mergers, Consolidation

The New Media Landscape

Free Speech in the Digital Age (video).

Diversity in the Media Industry

The Almighty's Dollar

Corporate Advisory Committees

Doing Good: The New Rules of Corporate Responsibility

Spectrum Auctions

Broadcast Incentive Spectrum Auctions

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